Photo Booth Rentals

Mitzvah Photo Booth Rental


mitzvahphotobooth1Stepping into adulthood is a huge moment for anyone, and a great time to celebrate the end of childhood. Our booths offer a unique opportunity to catch a few candid moments with each guest in a fun and relaxed setting.

Whether it’s with their best friend or their favorite relative, photo strips are fun and easy to share with the whole family. A photo booth at your child’s Mitzvah offers a great chance to catch kids being kids and result in a playful strip with a comic like narrative that will remind them of their special day for years to come.

School Dance Photo Booth Rentals


schooldancephotoboothSchool events are a great time to make lasting memories with good friends and high school sweethearts. Perfect for the inside of a locker, a bulletin board, or a scrapbook, a strip of photos from a photo booth is a fun and clever way to collect some memories.

Getting good shots of kids can be difficult, and every family has a horror story or two about the pressures of ‘school picture day’. An unmanned camera gives kids a chance to be themselves, whether it’s silly or serious.

At a school dance, students are comfortable and confident while looking their best, setting the foundation for a set of great photos. Whether your school is in Seattle, Bellevue, or Tacoma, Act1 Photo Booths is happy to attend your next event.

Corporate Party Rental


corporatephotoboothCorporate events are a great chance to give staff a break from their daily responsibilities to socialize and strengthen their ties as a professional team while boosting employee morale.

For those starting new business connections, a session in a photo booth is the perfect light hearted ice-breaker that can set a friendly tone to otherwise formal relations. Long time co-workers will appreciate a strip of photos that depicts the quirky nuances that stem from working together, and can be displayed at their desk to remind them of a fun and productive day.

Act1 photo booths are fun, easy, and completely hassle free. Be sure to include us in your planning for your company’s next event in the Seattle, Tacoma, or Bellevue metro area.

Wedding Photo Booth Rental


weddingphotobooth1The most timeless tales start with two people falling in love, and a wedding marks the beginning of life’s greatest adventure. A picture is worth a thousand words and there is no better narrative to capture memories of your special day than a series of snapshots.

Photo booths have the classic ability to show not just one still image, but a strip of photos only moments apart that capture the mood and energy of guests who smile for the camera. Whether you’re looking for a set of traditional bride and groom photos, or a more playful dialog of kisses and rabbit ears over the head, these booths will provide photos that will be smiled over for years to come.

act1photobooth1Our photo booths are a great addition to any guest list in the Seattle Tacoma area and we would be honored to attend.