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Washington State Convention Wedding Show


705 Pike Street, 4th Floor Seattle, Washington 98101


Event Details:

Saturday, January 12th 2019   |   10:00am to 5:00pm (Ticket Sales Open @ 9:30am)

Sunday, January 13th 2019   |   10:30am to 5:00pm (Ticket Sales Open @ 10:00am)


Discount tickets are $18.00 per person – must be purchased online before Friday, January 12th @ 12:00AM for discount to apply.

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Tickets are $20.00 during the show-days online or when purchased at the door. Children 12 or under are FREE. If you come to the show on Saturday, get your hand stamped on the way out, and come back Sunday for FREE!

See full Event Details Here.

The Seattle Wedding Show features more than 400 local, regional and national vendors, including event facilities, bakeries, bridal boutiques, caterers, disc jockeys, florists, jewelers, photographers, transportation providers, wedding consultants, and much more!

Classic and contemporary bridal gowns, tuxedos, bridesmaid and mother-of-the-bride dresses will be on display at fashion shows held throughout the event.



Seattle Wedding Show History

How it all started

It all started 45 years ago with a 19 and a 20 year-old who were WAY too young to get married. (we told our sons to never even consider doing something so crazy). We had a $1000.00 budget and not a clue about how to put on a wedding. The big day took 3 months to plan, which included a dress and veil costing $125.00. Wedding rings which totaled $150.00, and the neighborhood church, complete with school gym for the reception.

We put the basketball hoops up so as not to interfere with the elaborate decor of a sheet cake on a plain white tablecloth. And had one white flower arrangement made up of mostly carnations. We toasted each other with punch (probably Hawaiian straight from the can), and never did we think that many years later we would be helping couples plan their big day!

What came next?

Next came our first tuxedo store named Black Tie. Which eventually turned into 14 stores. At that time, the only wedding shows around were in the shopping malls. If you didn’t have a store in the mall, you couldn’t participate. Three little boys later, there was no room in the budget for mall stores – only the strip malls. SO, long story short, we decided to have our own show and the bridal shops that had been renting our tuxedos were there to support us.

Times have really changed, and planning a wedding has become just slightly more elaborate than what we had planned so many years ago. And because we know how much there is to do and how stressful it can be at times, we are committed to giving couples the chance to see only the “Best of the Best” at our two-day show.

What’s the future?

We believe in quality, NOT quantity. We put on the best show we can ONCE a year, and we will continue to show you only the companies that can help you plan your big day, (not that we have anything against dentists or plastic surgeons), because that’s what our couples have requested to see when they come to the Seattle Wedding Show.

  • Barb Berger


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