Five questions to ask when renting a photo booth

You’ve done the research, you know exactly which style photo booth you’re going to order, and from where (Act 1 Photo Booths), but you’re still unsure if you’re getting a good deal. Let us help you ease that purchase anxiety

Do you charge by the hour or by day?

Be on the watch for how providers charge for a rental. Some establishments charge daily rental fees – others by the hour. By understanding how a provider charges, you’re guaranteeing there are no surprises on the bill and have a clear expectation of what services cost.

At Act 1 Photo Booths we’ve created hourly packages. We find that this style pricing allows for the greatest flexibility for our guests as they enjoy their Photo Booth experience. If you’re hosting a large corporate event or multiple-day festival, contact us directly and we’ll provide a special quote.

Do you charge if I go over my rental time?

If you’re renting from a provider that charges by the hour, ensure that you know how much is to be charged for the block of time – and just as importantly; ask what the rate is if you go over your initially agreed upon rental time. By doing this, you’ll have a clear expectation of how the rental will work, and will avoid any surprise overages.

At Act 1 Photo Booths we make sure there are no hidden surprises or fees. We’re straightforward and upfront on what our hourly package costs, and any applicable charges if your rental goes over – or you simply want more time.

Do you drop off the equipment, or do we pick it up?

Some services don’t specifically drop off the rental equipment to or pick it up from your event. This is a great question to ask before placing any Photo Booth rental reservation, as some providers charge extra for delivery services.

We want your event to go off without a hitch, at Act 1 Photo Booths we take the burden of having to think and plan about the delivery of the (sometimes) very large units. We deliver your photo booths to you, setup and configure it – and then you’re on your way!

Can you customize the photos to my event?

Some Photo Booth providers only allow you to take photos using a handful of standard templates or overlays. Others might charge extra to customize the experience for your event. These are all things to consider before booking your next Photo Booth experience.

At Act 1 Photo Booths we can customize even the smallest detail of these Photo Booths to maximize the theme of your next event. We’re able to change the screen interface to match any color or event theme, or custom design literally any type of overlay or text.

Can I rent more than one unit?

When renting from a Photo Booth provider, especially for large events or festivals, it’s a good idea to know if there is a limit on number of units. Some Photo Booth providers can’t handle certain event sizes, or are only equipped with so many specific units. This is something to consider when booking your next Photo Booth experience.

We’ve been in business since 2008 and have enough Photo Booth units to facilitate events of any size. From our Traditional Sit-Down Photo Booths, Premium Mirror Booths, Stand Alone Booths, or our New Do-It-Yourselfie Photo Booths, we’ll be able to make your next Photo Booth rental a unique and fun experience.

By keeping these 5 questions ready when you’re booking your next Photo Booth, you’ll be guaranteeing a hassle-free and fun experience. We know how important it is for your guests to have fun and be entertained; we’ve been in this business for over 10 years and have learned a thing or two to help maintain a party’s excitement. If you’re interested in seeing what Act 1 Photo Booths has to offer, check out our current price listings  or book today!